Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Monday, January 20, 2014


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Monday, December 16, 2013

Extended Station 2 Photojournalism (Creative Habit project)

Design For Media is over, the semester is done, break has commenced! That being said, here are more photos I didn't previously post for the Creative Habit assignment.

Seasoned helmet

Search training for the newer guys

On scene, through the second engine's window

The House

In a rush

A lesson in gear

 Simple kitchen comradery 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Creative Habit - Finals

Creative Habit - Inspiration Side-By-Sides

Here are shots I particularly liked in the book I posted about previously, Brotherhood, pared with my take on the style of the photographer. My representation is on the right side and a shot from the book is on the left.

 I see most of these as being moderately successful in recreating similar style. The hardest to capture was the exact mood of the image, not just the appearance.

Creative Habit - Post Four

I walked in on my last day for the project, surprised at the open floor space - the guys were waxing the floor!

After dinner, Mr. Tim spent some time training the newer guys on residential search tactics

There also was time interjected for fun on the fire pole... 

Here is the mask worn under the helmet and over the face piece to protect the neck from heat and falling debris.

Creative Habit - Post Three

I spent a great amount of time hanging out with the guys and capturing some of the trucks and equipment.

Below, John refills his air tank he keeps on the truck. It's important to always keep it topped off for the next call.

Many of the photos I captured this time around were focused more on the 'fine art' aspect and obseriving the surroundings through a different angle. I feel this represents the character of the subject to the viewer very well.

The trucks are 'recharged' by large plugs hanging from the apparatus bay ceiling. They make sure the vehicle battery is fully charged so it can power the truck and it''s accessories if it's out on a call for hours at a time. 

Being a big city department, Station 2 has a rear-driving Tower, for better control and safer emergency responding and rescuing.

You know a good firehouse when the minute you walk in they greet you with coffee. Firehouse coffee is so distinct in flavor - its just Foldgers, but it's the way that it's made and is always the same to every firehouse. Most firemen love coffee, thought. It's the perfect energy pick- me-up for long days and hard work.